The JAMA Article (Nov. 5, 2013) – “Testosterone Treatment
 Causes Heart Attacks” gave me concern. Hopefully the media’s portrayal of this flawed study will not discourage aging men from properly restoring their testosterone levels. In order to protect against heart…

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  • Scientific Medicine

    Vitamin K gives protection against arterial calcification, Alzheimers, bone loss, cancer, and even aging! Although discovered in 1929, both Edward Adelbert Doisy (who died in1986), an American biochemist, along with his Danish colleague, Henrik Dam received the Nobel Prize in…

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  • Traditional And Unique Therapy

    The brain uses mainly glucose for its fuel, but works far better when fed ketones. Ketogenic diets have been used in medicine since 1924 initially to prevent seizures, and recently to treat degenerative neurologic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS,…

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  • Difficult Diagnosis

    An example of a difficult diagnostic dilemma is Lectin Intolerance. Lectin not to be confused with Leptin or Lecithin)occur ubiquitously in nature. They are sugar-binding proteins in both animal and plants. The prototypic lectin is GLUTEN. Lectins aggregates to the cell…

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Wants Versus Needs


July 20, 2014

If a person wants more than they need it causes more stress than the other way around. We do not always have the power to change our needs, but we can for our wants. It is this disparity between wants and needs causes disharmony in our minds and subsequently our bodies.

Our wants are our desires but our needs are our essentials to remain alive and healthy. Many confuse the two. In most of us, we feel that we need everything to go right. But actually we want everything to go right. If it does not, it causes stress. The disparity between the two will not only shorten our lives, but also create disease on your unhappy soul. Where does it say, “all will go correctly in life?” Certainly not in the Bible or the Declaration of Independence!

The world is a tough place to live, but realizing this, is not quite as tough. It is far better to accept that the world is not perfect. It may be my desire but not my need unless I “desire to be unhappy and stressed” throughout my life! The bottom line is “ALTHOUGH YOU WANT IT, YOU REALLY DON’T NEED IT”.



New Vision “No More Cataracts”

June 3, 2014

A cataract is a clouding of the natural intraocular crystalline lens that focuses the light entering the eye onto the retina. This cloudiness can cause a decrease in vision and may lead to eventual blindness if left untreated. Cataracts often…

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Muscle Brain

May 20, 2014

Both PS (Phosphatidylserine) and CLA, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which benefit both muscle building and maintenance of brain according to Norm Shealy M.D. Phosphatidyleserine Critical for cell function Improves: Mental clarity and focus Recovery from exercise stress Athletic function ADHD Depression…

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Abolishing Mammography Screening Programs?

May 5, 2014

From the Swiss Medical Board and Dr. Mercola who agrees with Dr Block “Last year, the Swiss Medical Board, an independent health technology assessment initiative, was asked to prepare a review of mammography screening. The team of experts on the…

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Experts, Androgen Study Group petition JAMA to retract testosterone article

April 23, 2014

Source: EndocrineToday April 5, 2014 Three medical organizations and an international group of over 130 scientists and physicians have issued a letter to the Journal of the American Medical Association requesting the retraction of an article which associated testosterone therapy…

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Melatonin is for more than just sleep

April 21, 2014

Melatonin has been ignored or trivialized as simply a “sleep aid” ever since it was introduced to the world in 1992 as a non-prescription supplement. A burst of new studies now reveals that melatonin can protect our body from many…

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Music that Heals – Binaural Beats

April 16, 2014

“Binaural Beats,” the term used for music with slightly different frequencies in each ear. The difference in these frequencies, or beats, elicits beneficial brain waves by releasing healthy neurotransmitters. So, in addition to drugs (antidepressants, energizers, and sleep aids), binaural…

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Pentoxifylline (PTX)

April 15, 2014

Pentoxifylline -PTX is a Rheologic antiinflamatory drug introduced in the US 30 years ago for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease hich is the only FDA indication. It is still used throughout the world but has all but been forgotten…

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The Season to Be Sneezing

April 7, 2014

Sub Lingual Immuno Therapy or SLIT is less expensive safer, and almost equally as effective than SCIT (Sub Cutaneous Immuno Therapy). SLIT involves placing drops or tablets of an allergen under the tongue of a patient rather than by injection….

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