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J. E. Block, MD, PhD, FACP, specializes in Scientific and Alternative Medicine. He is double boarded in Internal and Urgent Care Medicine. He spent many years as an educator on the faculties of the UCLA Medical School, the University of Missouri Medical School, and the Oklahoma State University School of Osteopathic Medicine. A former hospital chief of staff, Dr. Block spent two decades as a small town doctor in Coffeyville, Kansas.

Doctor Block is the premier Integrated Medicine physician in Mid-America, providing not only expert traditional medical (allopathic) care, but also Complementary and Alternative Medicine. A popular newspaper columnist, radio host, TV commentator, and published several books, he has written scientific articles for both magazines and medical journals. Married and the father of eight, with 15 grandchildren and three great grandchildren, Dr. Block currently practices full time in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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By Larry Sosna

During the last decade many studies have shown that HGH, Human Growth Hormone exerts profound multidimensional effects on the central nervous system, that being the brain, the spinal cord and the spinal nerves. For instance, HGH replacement therapy was found to significantly improve psychological capabilities in adult men and women who have reached an age in which HGH is deficient. Furthermore, beneficial effects of HGH on many functions, including enhanced memory, mental alertness, motivation, and working capacity have all been reported in peer reviewed medical journals. Likewise, HGH treatment of of growth hormone deficient children has been observed to produce significant improvement in many behavioral problems seen in these children.

Many research studies indicated that HGH affects proper functional levels of cerebrospinal fluid. HGH also helps normalize other hormones and especially the neurotransmitters of the entire brain. Further support that the central nervous system is a target for HGH emerges from observations and studies indicating that the HGH hormone crosses the blood brain barrier and connects to HGH receptor sites in the human brain. It has previously been shown that specific binding sites for HGH are present in discrete areas in the central nervous system of all humans. Among these regions are the choroid plexus, hippocampus, hypothalamus, and spinal cord.

The density of HGH binding to receptor sites in various brain regions was found to decline with increasing age. This begs the question does the brain itself age due to a paucity of HGH inside the brain...and the answer seems to be yes. Dr.Bengt Ake Bengsston has concluded that low HGH in the brain is responsible for most of the age related neuro-degenerative diseases of the brain. Replace HGH back to youthful levels and the brain starts to function like a healthy brain again, especially in the area of memory and cognitive function( our ability to actually think) Generally, Bengsston is considered the foremost expert on HGH and the human brain.

So the most crucial factor in preventing neurological brain disfunction is to start on HGH therapy around age 45 before a critical loss of HGH disturbs the brain with disease.

Dr. Bengsston, several years ago was awarded 80 million dollars to create the first hospital in Sweden, specifically for the treatment of mood disorders, and severe depression, using only HGH as the treatment protocol. People from all over Europe have heard of the great results Dr. Bengsston has and is obtaining with patients at the hospital and there is a long waiting list of folks trying to get treatment at this one of a kind hospital in Sweden.
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